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We often call on Michelle for all kinds of I.T and social networking advice! She always sorts us out within minutes and always provides us with a solution. She is also really patient and we arent the most patient people in the fast paced PR world! But Michelle always takes time to explain things so it sinks in. If you need any help with social media, Michelle is your girl! We are also avid readers of her website techieminx.com as if anything is happening in the social media world Michelle will know about it. It certainly helps us keep our finger on the pulse in the office, which is valuable to us
Lisa Ventham, lvlovespr.com

Michelle has been a godsend for Penny Power and me. She has supported us for years online and offline building groups and supporting vast communities of people worldwide. Michelle is a lovely lady and a real friend who gets done exactly what you require whenever you ask. Both Penny and I highly recommend Michelle and work with her all the time.

I was fortunate enough to have Michelle on my team during a time of significant change and high expectations that really tested commitment, ability and teamwork.
Michelle is a remarkable talent with an easy demeanor that makes her the perfect partner in marketing teams. While immensely capable of managing her teams accountability, the additional value Michelle brings to a team is strategic insights and gut instincts offered in a very collaborative manner. If the opportunity arises I would gladly recommend Michelle.
Gareth Davies, Ellipsis Development
Michelle is a true social media wizard. She’s rigorous, organised, creative and up to the minute. If you want your message out there, she’s the one. Don’t hesitate.
Martin Good, thewindsorcaper.com
Michelle has a huge knowledge and passion of all aspects of social networking, marketing and SEO. She is personable, resourceful and always up to date on the latest developments. Michelle actually enjoys increasing your brand awareness and gets more views to your websites. I have recommended Michelle many times to friends and colleagues who are all very pleased with her achievements for their business or personal brand.

Michelle is an insightful and passionate social media guru. She wasgreat to work with.

Ian Pitchford MBA PCC, A Mind For Adventure
Thank you to Michelle who has been very helpful with what Just Sayin App are trying to do, which is to make voice a priority within social networks. Her talents would be instrumental with any company that needs to brand themselves.
Sami Yousif, Just Sayin App
Michelle has worked tirelessly on driving social media forward at syrinx Za. She understands the market and has been a huge help on spreading the word about our range of natural products. Utilising her skills has certainly helped our business move forward.
Ashley Metcalfe, Syrinx ZA
Michelle has proved to be a an asset at the Online Marketing Academy for almost 3 years. Michelle is a knowledgeable and passionate Social Media Manager. She brought with her exceptional social media, networking, SEO and blogging skills for which she continues to grow as she is always on the leading edge of social media technology. Michelle understands the big picture and with that is very committed putting in 100% effort into all she does
Michelle is very experienced in social media and has always been willing to help anytime I’ve ever had questions. She is honest, hard working, and dependable.
Michelle has always been a reliable source for everything Social Media. Inquiries have been responded to immediately. I enjoy to exchange experiences and strategies with her and consider her an honest and straightforward friend and colleague.

Michelle is a true social media wizard. She’s rigorous, organised, creative and up to the minute. If you want your message out there, she’s the one. Don’t hesitate.

Michelle is one of those people that has an innate understanding of Social Media. (One clue is that she doesn’t promote herself as a ‘guru’ or ‘ninja’ – she just does her work – and gets results.) She connects, she engages and understands what has to happen to gain RETURNS from your investment in that space. (Again – something that is so often forgotten). Michelle is just great. Need to know more – connect with me.
I’ve been working with Michelle for quite some time in various social media activities and very much appreciate her support and technical skills as well as social skills. Michelle is one of the rare very advanced European Social Media Managers having a full 360 degree view of that new and fast growing industry segment. It’s a pleasure working with her and I can highly recommend Michelle.

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