Will this crazy Startup hit the big time? #GreetingsFromGermany

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Greetings from Germany is a website whose statement says We send you a handwritten postcard from Germany to anywhere in the world.  ........ Oliver Schonmehl of Stonehill Media, one of the founders tweeted me this statement recently and I replied - Why ??   Good for him though he tweeted back - Why NOT ? I really wasn't being rude, I was genuinely asking the question, why?  If you know me, you know that if I can I will support Startups where I can, I have great admiration for all the hard work they put into to their project to make it work, and I'm sure they think its the best idea since Paypal, Craigslist or even Amazon which people thought at the time were crazy start ups ... but to get this far, others also must have thought that Greetings from Germany was an amazing idea. However, I just don't get it.  Will this crazy Startup - Greetings from Germany hit the big time? Greetings from Germany guarantee that their postcards are sent from Germany with a german stamp [...]