Twitter DM Phishing Scams – Have I been hacked ?

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What are these Phishing Scams on Twitter Direct Messages on Twitter with the subject line as lol u didn't see them tapping u your in this Hey this person is writing cruel things about you wow your busted in this video fb is offering freee apple ipadds 2 Hey this user is writing cruel things about you OMG your in this and more....... The first thing we notice is, that most of the time, the grammar or the spelling is incorrect   -  Some lately are coming through with a link that looks like it comes from Facebook - so this is fooling even more people than before - I am seeing these posts almost every day. What happens when you click on a scam link Normally what happens is that you  appear to be logged out of Twitter and made to log in again - and HEY Presto - the scammers have your details and password - and start sending out DM's - they are quite clever only doing one every couple of days so it takes a while for [...]