Do UK Bloggers need to comply to the new EU Cookie Regulations

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I know many people are confused about the EU cookie regulations, you are not alone. We are all confused and amazed that it is even a law.   I will try to keep this short and simple as I know you guys get bored with lots of text, however it won't be easy. Some still think its not a real law - this is because, the media has not made much noise about the Cookie regulations so here are a few links that might help BBC -  The Telegraph - The information commissioners Office <- Information from here will be in blue text. We can only hope and pray that this ridiculous law is overturned, but as it stands - it IS a law already. Firstly can I say cookies are not viruses - there is nothing wrong with cookies, we all use them, most websites store them for one reason or another, I will explain more further down. The Cookie law came from The Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations, PECR -  which were changed on 26 May 2011 to include Regulation 6 which are the new regulations. Who has to comply [...]