The Easy To Use Wondershare Video Editor

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Wondershare Video Editor is part of the Wondershare range of software for Windows and Mac. Wondershare are located in Shenzhen which is a major city north of Hong Kong in the south of Southern China’s Guangdong Province.  This year Wondershare are celebrating their 10th year in business. I'm really into videos at the moment, well I've always liked video but I never take much care over them, just create and upload them to YouTube, sometimes I don't even bother editing at all.   I've been looking for a different video editor and I found the Wondershare free trial.  We love a free trial. Wondershare tools available range from Video, DVD, PDF, Training, PC Utilities and Mobile Apps, they have a huge range of products indeed.  I have however just been looking at the video editor, or creator. Features and Use of Wondershare Video Editor I must admit I've always used Windows video editing software just because it was easy and free, so finding so many features and possibilities on this software was enlightening. Also the video editor is easy to [...]