Valentines Day Hoax on Facebook

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With Valentines day just around the corner you can guess what the hoaxers, scammers and spammers are using to annoy us now.Scammer's DelightPromises of finding your valentines or what gifts to get your lover, anything to prey on your weakness is what they are good at. I've seen one person get caught on one so far, hopefully my friends are now taking notice and NOT CLICKING THESE LINKS. This new one is called....... Just redirect Valentine Finder. I'm not sure what it proclaims to do but rest assured all that it does is repost randomly to your Facebook friends so that it looks like you are asking them to be your valentine. That could be quite embarrassing indeed. Just another Scam, Hoax, or annoying repost. I'm expecting to see a few more of these before the week is out, so be aware. From Facebook ....what to do if this happens..If your account has been taken over and used to send spam, you should follow these steps immediately:Reset your Facebook password. You can do this by clicking the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page or by going to the Account Settings page once logged in.If you can’t reset your [...]