Unfollow Unfollowers on Twitter

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I have been looking for a good application to replace Twitcleaner since it closed down, I needed something that was as good as Twitcleaner to help to unfollow unfollowers on Twitter for Free. What application should I use to unfollow unfollowers on Twitter? Its been a hard job, I really miss Twitcleaner - it was perfect. I do understand, he was doing all this for free and it took up alot of time.  I do use unfollow.me now and then as its pretty good at showing you who just unfollowed you - as we know sometimes, Twitter unfollows people for you, so this is very handy just to check, but its not as comprehensive as Twitcleaner. Where have I been, I found Justunfollow During my search I came across Justunfollow.com - which has some fantastic options -  and you can also get an iPhone app for Free, and an app for Android - plus whats more you can use it for instagram. I've been using this tool for a while now and I love it, also seems to be safe.  You do have to be careful with some [...]