How to – add a second iTunes to the same computer

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If you haven't heard enough about apple and iPhone 5 (well, no sorry, actually its only an iPhone 4S ) today, then I thought you might like to read this. Do you have an iPhone, an iPod touch and and iPod Nano, with different music or applications on each? It can't be just me!  Then you don't want to have to sync all of them on the same iTunes account. Or you may only have the one PC in the house and many people in your family has an apple device - so you all need your own iTunes account. Its pretty easy to do this, let me show you how. Adding two iTunes accounts Assuming you already have one iTunes account on your computer already... Holding down the shift key click iTunes - I find this easier in programmes rather than the desk top as sometimes it highlights other things that are on the desk top. It should come up with a box with the choices to Choose Library or Create Library Click Create Library - Here you give [...]