How to use the Twitter Advanced Blocking Tool

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In an attempt to make Twitter safer for its users - there is now the Twitter Advanced Blocking Tool.   All it is really is a way to share block lists on Twitter. We can't see this helping to stop the Twitter Trolls but at least it is a step in the right direction. Twitter do realise that we need much more sophisticated tools than this, and promise they are looking into it. How to block a Twitter user Go to their profile page Click the gear icon Select Block from the drop down menu And confirm. What it means to block a user on Twitter You cannot follow each other Tweets do not appear in each others timelines You cannot Direct Message each other They cannot add you to lists or tag you in a photo You will not receive notifications where  account you have blocked mentions you. (Which is one reason a troll might block you, so they can continue tweeting about you) If someone else in your timeline mentions the blocked account you will still see this. The user [...]