Free Application – Contacts Back Up – never lose your numbers

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I love Orange, and my favourites, Orange Mobile have a new Contacts Back up service so you never again need to worry about losing your phone numbers, and its free. PHEW! Never again will you say, I've lost all of my numbers, or on Facebook post as status that says Can everyone inbox me your numbers I have a new phone; as Orange stores your contacts for you, so they are always there, even if you have your phone stolen lose your phone a monster eats your phone drop your phone in the toilet damage your phone change your phone lose contacts due to itunes restore!  You can even sign up on line to view your contacts!  Just to check :) Its not available on ALL phones yet but they are adding more each day.  It is available to the Apple iPhone you just download the Contacts back up application from itunes - sign up- and save your contacts and its done. Instructions from the website Follow these simple steps. 1. Make sure your phone is compatible Check to see if Contacts [...]