Steamy Sauna Session

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  That got your interest didn't it? Ha-ha! It wasn't quite Britney sorry! What I'd like to know is... do you actually enjoy saunas? I'd really like to find out because guess what, I don’t get it. As we all know I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to trying out new things, most comfortable behind a computer. But the guys are always so supportive that I always end up doing things that I might never have done. This weekend I had a proper sauna for the first time. Yes, I know how sad and feeble that sounds but I just never fancied or had the opportunity to have one. :) Nevertheless on Sunday the guys decided that after an exhausting day at the beach, a sauna would help. All that lovely hot steam would make our bodies feel refreshed and alive again, they made it sound so nice. So After a few deliberations I decided to give it a go. We arrived at this tiny room, while they charged in, I apprehensively looked on. My boyfriend [...]