Twitter Safety – Removing apps that access your account

By | January 16th, 2015|Categories: Social Networking Tools|Tags: , |

Now and then we have to review our Twitter safety - removing apps that access your account. While we are using Twitter we gradually allow 3rd party apps access to our accounts. These are apps that have been developed by companies other that twitter, that can access your tweets and other data for various reasons.  Some apps gather data, need access so that you can use their app to tweet through twitter   3rd Party Apps like ... Hootsuite Feedly Klout Bitly Scredible Hubspot Foll Tsu Of course most of these we still want but sometimes others might sneak in when we are not quite aware, or we might have allowed access for one action and now we don't need them any more. Sometimes when people think they are hacked on Twitter its because they have allowed an account access by mistake or tricked into doing so by something that they have clicked The result of these apps could Tweet unexpected tweets from your account Send DM's that you have no knowledge of Following, unfollowing or blocking twitter users for you Or [...]