The Power of Giving on Social Media #lostbear #FindElaine #hugtrain5

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Such is the power of giving on social media - that we don't have to do a lot to help out, just a retweet or a share, or just to let know someone we care, we can actually do something to make a difference! We all know by now the story of the #lostbear on social media.   I will recap if you've been living in a cave with no wifi since Friday. Friday the 13th wasn't as unlucky for a young girl called Phoebe as she first thought, after losing her bear at a train station after a trip to London, she had spent the weekend very upset. However Lauren Bishop Vranch had found the bear (actually a lion) and posted the picture of the Lion on  Twitter asking for help to find the owner.  Then followed more pictures of the adventures of #lostbear whilst being looked after by Lauren. Soon the #lostbear pictures were all over Twitter, Facebook and Google plus this had gone viral with everyone sharing and wanting to help find the owner.  It took just two days [...]