Download Free – An Online Personal Archive App for iPhone iPad – Seembee

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Seembee uses your iPhone to create your own online person archive. With Seembee you can save documents from your library or you can take a photo of your note, receipt,  photo, letter, or any other paperwork  or even music that you want to archive. When you don't have time to run  home to scan documents to upload to your pc and create a folder with paperwork and photos all together!  You can do all this at a touch of a few buttons in realtime. Stored Documents - are titled and tagged for easy retrieval and you can also put a text note with it; you may want to remember the address or phone numbers or even names of people in the photo, or maybe details of a receipt ie - who you went to a lunch meeting with and about what, you can even record a verbal note. Of course this is all completed on your iPhone while you are out and about and too busy to get to a PC. You can also view your documents on Similar to Evernote and other achive [...]