Do you have Kred? +Kred arrives

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Kred was created by Peoplebrowsr -  it measures online influence via social networks, similar to PeerIndex and a little like Klout but now maybe more accurate, less said about that the better. Kred celebrates personal importance and generosity by shifting the attention from celebrities to the true heart of social media: trusted friends and subject matter experts. It calculates the influence of the real stars in your life: from locals, like a trusted bartender or bike repair guy, to experts in your niche interests, like an oceanographer studying the floor of the Indian Ocean How does Kred work? Kred looks at 1000 days of data -  your tweets and your history including keywords, topics, hashtags and personal connections. It then shows you your online history so that you can understand the score - unlike Klout, who knows how that is scored now.   Your influence score is out of 1000 - this is increased with RT's @'s or follows. Influence is measured by the ability to persuade others to take action And your outreach is out of 10 - This is increased when [...]