Tsu the new social network that pays YOU

By | October 22nd, 2014|Categories: Social Networking Tools|Tags: , , |

Its seems social networks are popping up all over the place, now we have Tsu the new social network that pays YOU, which is SO different to the new ELLO social network we have just all joined because its NOT going to have adverts - this one thinks you are going to not mind at all about the adverts because YOU will be being paid. And it just shows you, that no one really does care - as they are still signing up in droves. Tsu the new social network that pays YOU Tsu - pronouced Sue - was launched this week and people are flocking to it, unlike the recent launch of ELLO which was all under a big cloak of suspense and mystery and you had to get invited to join, and these were few and far between, with Tsu you are seeing these links http://www.tsu.co/Michelledh popping up everywhere and there is no limit to the amount of uses - its just a persons vanity URL, but it will take you to the log in - sign up page immediately.  This is where it reeks [...]