Micro SD Cards from The Zoo ?

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Micro SD Cards from The Zoo ? Not the Zoo with animals in it but the Memory Card Zoo. I got an 8GB Samsung Microcard from here, for use in my Android tablet This company might not be an actual Zoo but they do have a strange claim - they say that these memory cards are indestructible Unbreakable  I'm not sure how you break a Micro SD card aside from drowning it in water or putting it in the microwave, but I didn't fancy trying that out with mine when I got it.  However they do say that these memory cards have amazing levels of durability, and they are water, magnet and shock proof.  I did sneak up on mine and shouted really loudly but it still works! But seriously... Digital Camera Essentials awarded them as the Editor’s Choice quoting the notable features include the 5/10 year warranty. Features Samsung Micro SDHC Class 4 memory card: Compatible with all SDHC labelled devices Magnetic and X-ray safe Shock Proof EMC coating - Water and Dust Proof Soft Rubber Casing Ideal for [...]