JustUnfollow Hits 5 Million Users

By | October 10th, 2013|Categories: Social Media|Tags: , , |

I am so pleased to announce that one of my favorite apps JustUnfollow Hits 5 Million Users  -  the Twitter and Instagram management application has hit 5 Million users !!  Well done to them, this is tremendous as it was founded in 2010 and in August last year they "only" had 1 Million users, just a year later 5 Million!  I wrote recently in my blog post Unfollow Unfollowers on Twitter about this  fantastic application. I've been using it ever since.   And seeing as Twitter now seems to have stopped incorrectly suspending people for aggressive unfollowing when they are not, its all good! What is JustUnfollow Well you could, nip over to my link up there for a full explanation but basically JustUnfollow started as a Twitter management application to help twitter users find out who to unfollow, whether it be, inactive users or unfollowers but its now evolved into a very important part of social media use which now includes instagram, and who knows what is to come next! Its available as browser use but also available on Android, iOS [...]