Beware – iPhone Apple ID text message scam

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It seems that hackers are trying to get hold of your Apple ID via a phishing scam sent via text messaging - it appears there are two different types of text messages being sent out. Users on social networks are asking "Are these text messages real?"  The scam Apple messages look like they are from Apple themselves - they use carefully constructed wording and URLS to fool us into thinking they are legitimate. iPhone Apple ID text message scam One message is like this The Apple ID associated with this number is due to be terminated. To prevent this please confirm your details at - - Apple Inc The other message is more sneaky and actually quotes your name <your name> your Apple ID is due to expire today.  To prevent termination confirm your details at - Apple Support. This one would probably trick more people as it looks very real especially because it uses your name. The links they use also look quite real, but of course they are not, they take you to a fake website [...]