Biglolz explains how he got 7 million likes on Facebook #eavchat interview.

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  There is a chat group on Twitter for Empire Avenue called #Eavchat and this week we interviewed Adam from Biglolz. Biglolz is a website that contains the following... Funny Pics Fail Pics Funny Videos Fail Videos FML Quotes Funny Quote Biglolz  aparently has 8 Facebook fan pages with over 7 million fans! Biglolz also shot up to a top share price on Empire Avenue within days and now after almost a month is one of the leaders. The other amazing fact is that our modest Adam Brown is not yet 18 ! This is what he said... Me: How on earth did you manage to get 7 million fans on facebook, did you advertise? Adam: I just started with my facebook profile and created a "like site" such at - then we interlinked some groups.  No we never advertised, apart from free viral advertising which happened by itself. Me: How long ago and how did this all happen? Adam: About this time last year, I discovered it by accident really, we had a pretty basic site about random stuff and [...]