How to find the IMEI on iPhone and other codes

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While I was looking for my IMEI number on the iPhone I found a secret shortcut code list; codes that you dial into the phone. Here are some of those codes - including... How to find your iPhone IMEI number.  *#06# - Displays your IMEI *777# and tap Call - Account balance for prepaid iPhone# *225# and tap Call - Bill Balance (Postpaid only) *#43# and tap Call - Determine if call waiting is enable *#61# and Press Call - Check the number for unanswered calls *#67# and Press Call - Check the number for call forwarding when the iPhone is busy *3282# and Press Call – See your data usage *#31# and Press Call – Outgoing caller ID *729 and Press Call – Make a payment *67 and Press Call - Block caller ID Cool tips and tricks huh? You can get these and more from an iPhone application - Secrets for iPhone Lite  Hope this helps Merry Christmas