How to create SEO friendly URLs

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Search Engineland has kindly created this infographic to show us how to create SEO friendly URLs. SEO friendly URLs can give your blog a better chance of getting on to Googles first page, and essentially enable your business to be found quicker on Google searches. What is SEO SEO stands for search engine optimisation, or optimization if you are in the US or Canada - simply it means to optimise your blog post or website's visibility in search engines.  Its function is to drive more traffic to your website and to rank better ink Google.  Traffic from Google is the most valuable and most important traffic you can get to your website so its good to get it right. SEO takes lots of time, and much effort, sadly there is no magic fairy dust that will get you ranked right away. We at FairyDust Media can of course help you to get your website or webpage ranked but it still won't happen overnight.  As always the best way is to provide consistent, good quality content, that people want to read and SEO [...]