How to add multiple instagram accounts

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We've been waiting and waiting and finally, you can add multiple Instagram accounts to your phone - we actually thought it would be just two accounts you could use but you can add 5 Instagram accounts, and you can quickly switch between them without having to log out. We thought you might need to know How to add multiple Instagram accounts If you didn't know already - Instagram is a mobile photo sharing application, where you can post videos and photos and share them with your followers, whether they are friends of family or you can share them publically. You also have the option to share these images to your other social networks from the app too. More than one Instagram Account For people with more than one Instagram account - for instance, one for business and one for pleasure - or even social media managers with many clients this is going to be a godsend, we know from personal experience, the pain of having to log in and out of accounts. To be able to add more than one Instagram [...]