How often should you post on Social Networks

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Businesses starting out on social media, often ask the question - How often should you post on Social Networks. Is there a set amount of tweets to do per day?  Am I posting on Facebook too much or not enough? We think that it really depends on your following, what your business is, how active your followers are - so its good to do your own research - what response do you get when you post? On my personal twitter account I post many many times a day - whenever I see something interesting or if someone I know posts something great I like to share it for them too. However personal accounts are different to business accounts and you need to be careful with your frequency. Luckily for you Sumall and Buffer (which are great platforms you should check out actually) have done some extensive research on social media frequency and created this really cute infographic. You might be shocked to see the results of this research. How often should you post on social networks According to this reasearch [...]