Hillel Fuld interviews the co founder of Meerkat App

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It is so exciting to watch a Meerkat live streaming video while CMO of ZulaAPP - Hillel Fuld interviews the co founder of Meerkat App, I had to share the recording with you. What is this Meerkat App? If you use social media, watch TV or read the news then I think you might have heard of the Meerkat App by now its been the buzzword for weeks, since the launch of the app on the 10th of March.  If you haven't and you keep reading you will find out all about it. The Meerkat app - is a free live streaming app which connects your phone directly to Twitter - its all about Tweeting live video and live streaming on the move it seems is very popular, its just crazy how easy it is to get set up and streaming to all of your twitter followers. Some people might say so this technology isn't new - but what is new is that it is integrated with Twitter I believe, however it does seem that maybe Twitter isn't very happy about Meerkat because it has its [...]