Scams on Facebook – Free Tube Hub and Funniest Condom Commercial.

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Yes, another week has gone by and its time for me to inform you of two Facebook scams that have been seen doing the rounds. One is The Worlds Funniest Condom Commercial another click-jacking scam that makes you click on the the like button to play it, much like the baby born video of last week.  Instructions of how to remove on the previous link. The other is of a Free Tube Hub which points to a website promising full length steamy videos full of hot sexy girls.  Even the image hasn't put people of which is of an apparently hot girl with a huge arse, (excuse me people,  but it is enormous). Obviously when you click this, it is spreads to your friends tell them about it.  Nice huh?  Yoohooo look what I just tried to watch, plastered all over your friends walls. Surprisingly this one is spreading quickly it seems people are throwing caution to the wind, just for a free look at some hot chicks and they don't think they are the feathery kind. I do jest [...]