What is followfriday and how does it work.

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If you've seen a tweet including #FollowFriday or #ff and a list of user names preceded by the @ symbol and you are wondering what it is, or how to use it correctly I will explain, with some background help from Mashable. #Followfriday was started a long time ago by someone who thought it was hard to choose people to follow and thought it would be a good idea to recommend your favourite followers to other users, so that they could follow them too. Explained in detail here on mashable back in 2009 http://mashable.com/2009/03/06/twitter-followfriday/ It was a brilliant idea, that caught on quickly. However, I'm not sure how ever people really use it like that any more, do you follow people that are suggested by followfriday? I don't think people bother which is a big shame.  It almost makes it pointless. I actually do follow recommendations on a #followfriday, admittedly not all of the time and obviously not all of the suggestions but I select several users that look interesting, as I do respect my followers choices. One reason some [...]