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New Friends Reunited = Pinterest meets Flickr in an an antique shop.

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Friends reunited was launched in the year 2000 in the UK and was soon to be the UK's largest social network.  It allowed you to reunite with old school friends / work friends and later,  even people that lived in your childhood road. You could contact people via email on the site - but it tried to not allow you to give your msn or your email address to contact directly - there were ways around this but not everyone understood what michelle at msn dot com meant back in those days. Suddenly some add updates were made, there were meewee characters which you could use as our avatar, trying to make it more fun? AND the not so fun things, they had started to charge for emails and then for membership.  This is why users left, not the competition Facebook or Bebo - we had already decided to jump ship before we realised that Facebook and Bebo were going to be next. So now we've heard that Friends-reunited has been reunited and relaunched as a memorabilia site. When I logged on I was surprised to [...]

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