Not a Dislike Button – Facebook has created Reactions

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We are pleased that there is not a dislike button - Facebook has created Reactions.    Chris Tosswill the Product Manager have Facebook reported yesterday that they are testing out an extension of the like button which will give people more ways to react to a post then just a like. About a month ago - it was reported by many websites that Facebook had said there will be a dislike button, which we didn't think would be true as Mark Zuckerberg has always been against a dislike button.  Even though many people have asked for a dislike button on Facebook for years, he thought that there could be a better way.   Mark said that he wanted to way to show empathy rather than to go down the road of likes and dislikes. Facebook has created Reactions Reactions looks like it may be a great choice.  Its a selection of emojis that show various emotions: Angry Sad Wow Yay Haha Love Like These Reaction Emojis are being tested in Spain and Ireland who will be able to react to [...]