Emotely – the new social network with feelings

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Emotely - the new social network with feelings, an app where your feelings count.  Emotely is a platform that enables users to express how they feel by sharing their emotions to the world. Emotely has just released a new beta version on iOS which I saw on Betalist.com and  I knew I had to test it out. I've just had a few mins with this app, it's very easy to use but I thought I'd give a quick run down to how it works and let you  know about this new emotional application.   Emotely - the new social network with feelings We know how people love to share how they are feeling with emotes, now they have their own social network to do just that. How to sign up to Emotely With Emotely you can just use your phone to sign up, sort of like you do with Whatsapp - or you can sign in with Twitter, Facebook or your email and a password.  I chose the email sign up route for testing, firstly because I don't think Twitter is [...]