Drunk Tweeting

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Remember drunk dialing? Or did you prefer drunk texting? The slightly craftier version of drunk dialing, which enabled you to be either incognito or at least not seen in your moment of mortification – and you didn't have to pay the consequences immediately. Typically in those instances it was only one person that you offended or had to apologise too. Well, now there is another craze taking over where you can offend or show yourself up in public to countless numbers of people at once – it’s called drunk tweeting using Twitter.com There are two websites dedicated to drunken tweeting www.dweeting.com you can even follow them on twitter I believe, where they retweet the best drunken tweets and http://www.twitdrunk.com/ which has pictures too, so if you are really embarrassing you might find yourself lucky enough to be listed. Although scarily, on twitdrunk there is a page where you can send an anonymous tweet, which is a bit dangerous to be honest, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that – but there are a few sites for this anonymous activity anyway. If [...]