Heartbleed – Do I need to change my passwords ?

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We are all asking because of Heartbleed - do I need to change my passwords. Its been said that many platforms are already sending out emails to customers suggesting that users change their passwords. Heartbleed is a bug that causes a vulnerability in OpenSSL which allows information to be stolen over the last 2 years.  It was called Heartbleed because of the name of the heartbeat extension that when exploited leaks information.  So its like the heart bleeding - get it? Argh darn Heartbleed - Do I need to change my passwords ? This is an email that I got from IFTTT  which stands for - If this then that - which is an application that allows you to connect different web applications or social networks and to create give a formula (recipe) that says something like - if someone follows me on twitter, send them a message.  I used to use this for various things, but I'm just not an auto girl - I like to do these things myself.  And I wasn't sure if it was worth breaking the Twitter rules.  [...]