Discord the free voice and text chat – goes video

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 Today Discord the free voice and text chat - goes video - Discord has added video chat and screen share in their latest update October 2017.  It is now live for everyone on a desktop, this is big news for gamers and should be for business now too. What is Discord If you don't know what Discord is, its been going for 2 years now. Discord is a platform or app similar to Teamspeak or Skype which is free (at the moment) And you can get it on Windows, Mac, Android, ios and Linus.  Discord already had 45 million players or users.  Discord seems to mostly used by eSports players and gamers because its free and VoIP but this is going to make Discord more popular across the board.   It's going to be great for businesses to get onto this now. Like Slack or Telegram maybe, you can have your own rooms with sub-rooms, you can make just text chat rooms or voice chat rooms and now you can video chat with groups! Discord the free voice and text chat - [...]