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How to find your IP address

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How do I find my IP Address......A few people have asked me this question lately, so I thought it would be helpful to share this blog with you.An IP address (Internet Protocol) is a unique number which made up of 4sets of numbers with a dot between. (dotted-quad) like find the IP Address of your computer.Click - StartClick - Run - if its not there search Run and then ClickIn the box - type - CMDIn the command prompt - type IPCONFIGThe IP address of your computer will be there. If you don't like to use command prompt you can look this way...Click -   StartSearch - View Network Connections Click -   Local Area ConnectionsClick -   Details However,  if you are behind a router usually this is the IP address on your local network, this number would start something like - 192.168 this will not usually be the IP address that will be used to access the internet. To find your Internet IP address just go to website not only gives you the IP Address but [...]

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