Compose music with the Isle of tune… Game?

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Ok, I admit it, this music sequencer has kept me busy for a couple of days now, (in my spare time) and I am addicted to it. I have Jim Hall the creator to blame for that, thanks Jim.  Its different than you've ever seen before. On Isle of tune, you create little cute islands, with roads, trees bushes and houses to compose your own music or mixes of other tracks. This is my sons island that he made today currently no'3 in "today's" chart (please click like, if you do like). Revolving I like to move Of course my sons island is much better than my effort - Called Stairway to isles but it was my first try. Don't laugh.  :)   It seems really simple but as you get into it you find that actually its really quite tricky to create a masterpiece. How to make your musical journey When you first start you have an empty island with a tool bar at the bottom, here you will see everything you need to start creating your musical wonderland isle. First you design your layout of road.  Then you [...]