Buffer adds Scheduling for Pinterest

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We love Buffer and we love Pinterest - and after many requests from users, today Buffer adds scheduling for Pinterest.  This is going to please many Buffer/ Pinterest users - but only the users that pay for "Awesome",  Those with the freebie accounts can only try it out for seven days. Pinterest, if you don't know is a popular free website with around 70 million users according to expanedramblings.com - On Pinterest people create Pin-boards to upload, save, manage and share images we love, called "pins".  Because of the increasingly visual world we live in, users including many brands and marketers are finding numerous ways to use Pinterest. Buffer adds Scheduling for Pinterest You can already start Buffering your pins right this minute, all you need to do is to go to your Buffer account. On the bottom of the left Click Connect more Click Connect Pinterest or Try Pinterest for 7 days and then Connect. Log in to Pinterest (If you are already logged in it will directly go to..) Click Authorise App Now you can schedule your pins using Buffer. How to schedule your pins using [...]