A Beginners Guide to New Twitter

By | September 1st, 2011|Categories: Social Media|Tags: , , , , |

So here we have a beginners guide to new twitter, for noobs, newbies.  We've all been there, but with #newtwitter I think it is even more difficult than before.  So here are some instructions if you have just joined Twitter. Wow!  You've finally succumbed to signing up to Twitter.com  I knew you would - even though you said you never would but maybe you think it all looks very boring, too complicated, and no-one is talking to you. Yes, its really different to Facebook.  Well. don't be put off by that, it does take a little while to set up and get going. First of all, its a bit pointless doing your first tweet right away.... "Hello Twitter I'm here"        without any followers, as no one can see it yet. (Well apart from any stalkers you may have searching on Google) First things first you need to  -  Create your Profile Page. On the right you see your Twitter name, click that and then click settings Account Tab Fill in all of your account details, Tick boxes - I wouldn't advise [...]