Are you a Twit for using TrueTwit

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Do you use TrueTwit?  Are you a Twit for using TrueTwit?  If you use Twitter you will probably have heard of TrueTwit which calls itself a validation account. That must be harmless enough you think? All you want to do is protect yourself from unsavory followers. As you know I usually like to support games and apps with a mention and to help you, my readers know whats out there, what is new and what is great to use or play.  I realise that anything that is created is someones hard work and that they think its great. TrueTwit clearly think they are great but there are many people being annoyed by how it works, maybe they might think about changing how they do things. Are you a Twit for using TrueTwit You might be thinking what is a Twit, is that a good thing? It could be that Twit may be just an English word - so I shall explain the definition of the word Twit Full Definition of TWIT :  a silly annoying person :  fool What exactly is [...]