A week of downtime and outages (updated post)

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We've had a week of downtime and outages and at first thought it was bad enough with downtime from Apples iTune app store, however things got a bit more serious as Amazon (and then Sony, see below) decided to join in on Thursday with many people complaining they couldn't get on to various sites; Formspring, Hootsuite, Reddit, Moby,  Zynga, CEX, about.me, Paper.li, Ow.ly, ht.ly, Livefyre, co-tweet, Quora, Foursquare to name a few.   A week of downtime and outages These sites are slowly limping back on-line now after the Amazon server EC2 went down for at least three days! Quora is working but had this message showing for a few days. This message from Reddit has only recently been taken off. Ctrl+Alt+Del had this message up for some days! It appears to be working now though. The message on the Amazon status page still just has this... http://status.aws.amazon.com/ Apr 24, 9:59 AM PDT We continue to make steady progress on recovering remaining affected EBS volumes and making them accessible to customers. If your volume is not currently responsive, we recommend trying to detach and [...]