20 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome

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I recently posted some more in-depth tips for Google Chrome and due to the popularity of that post here are 20 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome. Its good to get into the habit of using keyboard shortcuts if you can, its just faster and simpler to do many things. I like Google Chrome - Google say its fast, simple and secure - although, its true there sometimes are some issues,  it can be a little temperamental - like the The webpage is not available error - there are usually ways to fix Chrome. One trick is always to keep an eye on your chrome extensions, but that's for another post. These are for Windows only but for Mac I believe you replace Ctrl with the ⌘ symbol. 20 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome Do not type / this is just to show the next key. Web-page keyboard shortcuts Print a page - Ctrl/P Save a page - Ctrl/S Stop a page loading - Esc Find (to search on a page) - Ctrl/F Window and Tab ShortCuts for Chrome Zoom in - Ctrl +  (or [...]