Spill the beans???

//Spill the beans???

Spill the beans???

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A question came to me whilst talking to my friend Jonny the Music Journalist. Would you tell intimate true stories to a journalist if you were a famous celebrity? Would you trust that journalist not to sell it to the tabloids? Well that’s what happens a lot of the time, and I don’t get it.

It must be Jonny’s integrity and wit that brings people to spill the beans. I was absolutely astonished at one particularly colourful story that one particularly famous musician regaled him with recently. Having bumped into the aforementioned famous musician on the street whilst Jonny was making his way back from Sainsburys (very Rock n Roll, I know) Amazingly, they are not even really friends – more like acquaintances. Jonny has interviewed him in the past and they really hit it off, both slightly crazy, in a good way! The famous musician even said that it was the coolest interview that he had ever done – they spent six hours talking together at his house.

On this day however famous musician guy was telling Jonny some really funny anecdotes as they sat in his beautiful garden, having a wild time, drinking lots wine and beer, having a smoke. Both of them by this time were very drunk as famous musician guy told the revelation that I can say included the famous musician guy getting completely stoned at a royal palace, where he had to perform, and meet royalty!!! Oh my goodness, ha-ha I could not believe it!! So funny!! (I think I’ve said enough, eat this blog).

Jonny just thought it was hilarious, he wasn’t bothered, he was used to being told secrets and revelations, and being told things were off the record. Although in reality he could sell that to the tabloids and make stash of cash, but Jonny wouldn’t do that. Why? Why not?
A similar thing allegedly happened in the 60’s when The Beatles went to collect their MBE’s and look at the stir that caused!

Aparently according to Jonny its funny that I don’t get it but the trust that is there amazes me, in this day and age where everyone wants to make a quick buck and everyone thinks badly of journalists!

Journalist do have a bad reputation possibly due the paparazzi and such like, it is commonly thought that they are not to be trusted. Maybe some aren’t -has my little story made you think differently? Journalists do have a “code of ethics” or the “canons of journalism” and without credibility and reputation they would never earn a living.

However, I still don’t think if I was a celebrity that I would feel comfortable telling stories like that to a journalist.

Let’s just think about it, do we trust anyone anymore? We don’t trust journalists; did we ever trust MP’s? Who does have integrity?

People need to think of the effect of their actions. Journalists can’t go around spilling the beans all over the place, for one thing there would be a mess and for another, they wouldn’t be trusted or respected ever again, in their world of journalism.

Maybe this gives us all a bit of hope; it proves that there are people out there to be trusted after all.

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