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prepare your website for Black Friday and Cyber MondayMany businesses are gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday as it is a very profitable time of year for online businesses.

With Christmas following soon after this time of year provides some businesses with 40% of their yearly revenue. Its a very exciting time and businesses are rushing like crazy to get their promotions and ads out there.

Its a very exciting time and businesses are rushing like crazy to get their promotions and ads out there.

So we thought now would be a good time to let you know…….

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

For those are still confused at the terms, Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving in the United States and it was created to persuade people to shop for fashion online. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving and signifies the start of Christmas shopping season, in Philadelphia, which would bring lots of traffic, queues and mobbed stores.  Black Friday is now associated with sales in technology, games, small appliances, kitchen gadgets and the like.  These are the biggest sales days of the year and not just in the US. Since 2009 retailers all over the world have been getting in on the sales campaigns saying that this time is the busiest.

However, as we have seen time and time again business are so busy with preparing their promotions such as.

• Social media marketing
• Blog Posts
• Landing Pages
• Facebook ads
• Website ads
• Retargeting

That they do not think of the strain the increased traffic could have on their website. According to Cityam and we saw it ourselves, last year we saw 1 in 5 retail websites crashing as they were unable to cope with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s really no wonder that websites were struggling to cope as traffic volume went up by 660 percent.

prepare your website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Online stores  such as
• Boots
• Boohoo
• John Lewis
• Argos

All went down before they even knew it.

We expect more traffic online this year as people want to avoid the crushes and the fights that occurred in stores last year. Some online stores had queues of over 30mins with people trying to get online to purchase bargains. So we are urging retailers to ensure that their websites are ready to cope with the influx of Traffic.

So, how to prepare your website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

The big companies still fail and they have the money and the staff to prevent these crashes.

Small businesses don’t need to panic however, there are some simple steps that you can take to ensure that your website doesn’t go down at a crucial time and so you don’t lose out on potential business. You still have time to prepare your website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

First, you need to speak with your hosts or your friendly web dev people and find out if you can increase your hosting package to give your more CPU/ ram and bandwidth allowance – we are busy tracking our customer’s websites and predicting traffic surges during this time to prepare their e-commerce sites for this.

Other Options are…

Data caching
Data caching improves capability by distribution data from a backend server to multiple front-end systems.
Multisite Cloud Hosting
A multi-cloud strategy uses two or more cloud services to minimize the risk of crashing by steering traffic through the fastest routes available
Sharding your database involves breaking up your big database into many, much smaller databases which can be spread across multiple servers

A Content Delivery Network Such as

• Incapsula
• Torbit
• Amazon CloudFront
• Yottaa
• Akamai

A content delivery network will separate your data (traffic) so that it is distributed to many servers so again preventing downtime.

You can also use Pingdom to monitor your own websites and servers.

So if you are busy sending out promotional emails, fliers, posting ads and press releases about new products think first about how your website, online store, e-commerce site, shopping think about how you can prepare your website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday quickly.

We do offer websites and hosting if we can help  just drop us a line, or find me on twitter @Michelledh.