Pinpal the hot new dating service for Pinterest or an April fools joke?

//Pinpal the hot new dating service for Pinterest or an April fools joke?

Pinpal the hot new dating service for Pinterest or an April fools joke?

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The headline on Pinpal states –

The new casual dating service for Pinterest fans. It’s more than influence – it’s Pinfluence!!

I first noticed this today on @dannybrown ‘s website where he had the shocking title of

PinPal Wants to Use Your Friends to Create a Sex Meat Market

This created a lot of chatter and comments from various people including many tweets from Jimmy the co-founder of Pinpal – @pinpalwizard who obviously wasn’t happy that people were not saying good things about his site, which has just been launched in beta – midnight on the 31st of March. Great timing everyone thinks.

Craig andrews from Peerindex tweeted this

And Sarah Evans tweeted this

Its certainly got a lot of attention since it was launched in beta not 24hours ago.

What Pinpal does…

It is basically a dating service, that connects you with your best match and to find your match, it searches through your favorite social networks to find your friends and also their friends then, finds you the best matches, also using Klout scores in the formula.

You are then presented with a private Pinterest board with your potential pinpals.

However I think its more the FAQ page that give people the reason to think that it is a joke with statements like.

Is my privacy safe on PinPal?

Let us ask you a question – is your privacy safe online anyway? We don’t think it is, as much as we’d like it to be. So, to answer the question of privacy, you have as much privacy on PinPal as you do elsewhere online – we think that’s the fairest way to go.


How safe are your PinPal dates?

As safe as any online dating service, with the added security that this is all happening with social media, so if something goes wrong you can let people know about it. That’s pretty powerful stuff right there!

Pinpal tweeted that they just want to honest with everyone, and that just how it is. Jimmy says if you don’t like it you don’t have to sign up.

Which is also true…..

I haven’t signed up to try it, it not something I want my networks to be connected with, not being single myself and after reading Danny’s post I would probably wait a few months to see how it turned out.

Its a very expensive aprils fools joke if it is one, and Jimmy is very busy over there on twitter defending the site and apart from sometimes sounding aggressive this seems to be tongue in check as he is obviously pretty happy.  Whatever it is all about – I’m finding it very amusing and interesting and – Pinpal or the founders  have had amazing exposure today and on sunday!

Update – So it was actually a very good April fools joke provided by  Punk views and created by many people that we all know. Jimmy was completely made up as some people suggested but I for one will miss his “charm” and “tongue in cheek” humour.

The part that got me was that the actual platform wasn’t even there, this thought hadn’t occurred to me  (and I wasn’t about to try it) the testimonials and the fact that Danny had tested it were all fabricated, so not that expensive a joke after all.

Loved watching all this turn a slow moving Sunday evening, into a battlefield of tweets and comments.






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  • Well hello TM!

    With a name like that, you’d be perfect for our beta – just say the word. 😉

    Thanks for a fairer overview of PinPal – much more open than Danny Brown’s, where I’ve held off commenting for now due to legal advice. I may be over to comment tomorrow though.

    PinPal isn’t for everyone – we know that. But we all passionately believe that it fills a hole (no pun intended) in the social media market, and all we want to do is make people happy.

    Do I get annoyed when people criticize us before we’re even out the gate? Hell yeah! This is my baby and when people go after your baby – especially bloggers who don’t understand what you’re creating – then it makes you pissy. I only want to be given a fair shot.

    Oh, and yes – we had fun launching on March 31. We’ve been in closed beta for over four months now and only decided to open up a public site to help expand our territories – and we all agreed (over a nice bottle of Grey Goose) that playing the April Fool card was too good an opportunity to waste. Seems to have worked, our traffic is going through the roof!

    Hit me up if you want an invite, TM, you’re in!

    • Firstly, I’d like to give credit where it’s due – Jimmy is managing to do the difficult part exceptionally well; getting early coverage! 

      I’m very interested in what PinPal intends to provide for its users, hence going out of my way to take a look and pass (tongue-in-cheek) comment!I do need to stress, though, that my views are my own and in no way represent that of my employer. 

      Looking forward to seeing more. I do maintain that users will be uncomfortable with the wording of your FAQs (again, personal view as a potential user!) but, hey, for now if it’s going to get word out about your service while you’re in beta maybe that’s a win. And maybe that direct, open approach will appeal to your target audience.

      • Thanks for clearing that up Craig. I do look forward to seeing more, I agree some might be put off by the wording but as you say, its all upfront. 

        Thanks for stopping by


    • Hi Jimmy, 

      Thanks for the reply – I wasn’t really saying I was for or against it – I cannot if I have not tried it for myself.  People are just concerned about privacy – always have been, might always be. I was interested to find out more. 

      However I do have two questions if that’s OK – PinPal searches through Facebook, friends and friends of friends? If these details are private on Facebook surely Facebook would not allow you to get that information.  Also the results that are collated –  I read on your site are put on a private Pinterest board, is that right? Or can others see it? 

      I just love the chance you took on April the 1st though, very clever and very interesting to watch unfold. 

      Hahaha, thanks but I’ll pass on the invite, unless I really have to go in and check it out at a later date 🙂 


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