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Today I received an email I thought I should warn you about.  It’s a pretty clever NatWest Scam Email that could allow hackers access to your account.

This scam like a number of others lately comes through to your email and it looks real and harmless just says

Dear Members You have 2 important secure message from NatWest Admin System.

Sign in
Thank youNatwest Scam Email

It has a sign in link which takes you to a page called Sultan support – SultanHost Members Area.  I’ve no idea what Sultan Support is but it doesn’t look much like a log in from Natwest.

What is a Phishing Scam

Phishing scams are attempts by scammers to trick you into giving out personal information such as your log in details, bank account numbers, passwords and credit card numbers. They catch you out when you are in a rush using the phone and not reading everything correctly.

There has also been a few emails being sent out that have been trying to hack your Gmail  accounts – watch out for that it’s a fake email which has an attachment  that looks like  a PDF file when  you click it, it looks like it logs you out of Gmail so you log back in, and they have your details, as it is a fake login page.

NatWest Scam Email

The Natwest scam email wasn’t as clever as the Gmail Scam as warning signs did stand out.

1 – I don’t have a NatWest account

2 – The email is from NatWest Online <> This address looks like a university account – although the Austrailian University is whatever is it anyway its not Natwest. I believe that emails would come from

3 – Banks do not ever ask you to log in from an email.

4 – Spelling mistakes

5 – It was addressed to Dear Members? …. Banks would always address you by name.

Natwest say

At NatWest we will never ask our customers for any personal information by email. You should not respond to any email asking you to divulge your full pin or password, we would only ever ask for random characters.

If you have received a fraudulent or suspicious email, and not responded to it, please forward the email to

However, if you have responded to the email, and/or you suspect that any of your accounts with us have been accessed online by someone other than yourself, please contact us immediately on 0800 161 5154. When calling from abroad please dial +44 1252 308 047.

For more information, please visit our Security Centre.

I have forwarded my email on to the phishing dept at Natwest, just maybe they can track it down.

This was in their reply

Remember, we will never ask for full PIN, full password, or security codes from card readers or security devices at logon or over the phone.
Please do not click on any links or open any attachments in the suspicious email you have reported to us. We advise you to delete it from your mailbox.
Contact us immediately if you think have provided any personal information as a result of responding to a suspicious NatWest email, or suspect your NatWest accounts have been accessed by someone other than yourself. You will find our contact details by clicking ‘Support’ then ‘Get In Touch’ at natwest .com, where you will also find contact information for other customer service or account related queries. For your own security, we are unable to discuss your query or account query through this mailbox.

Hope this helps