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Post-Planner-Logo-400pxMany people struggle with Facebook engagement, whether it be on their own profile or their Facebook page and we heard big claims that you can get more Facebook engagement with PostPlanner, so we set out to test it.

It takes time to build up a good following on Facebook – and it takes time to find high-quality visual content to share on your Facebook pages, especially non-copyrighted visual content,

This is where PostPlanner steps in, they have reams of content right there on your homepage for you to choose.

More Facebook Engagement with PostPlanner

PostPlanner have been around for around 3 years now, but if you don’t know about it – here is a little taster!

You can sign up to a have a free account but you are extremely limited to what you can share, and its really not worth it.  However, the price plans start at just £7 per month so you can start with this to see what you think and then just upgrade if you wish.  You can also pay monthly or yearly which is cheaper – this is a fantastic option to have that many others do not.  We hate having to pay for a year upfront for something you haven’t even tried, we wish people would pay for a year upfront of our social media management services! 🙂

We signed up to one of the cheapest plans for testing purposes – You can have up to 5 accounts, a mixture of Twitter or Facebook –  you can upgrade and have more pages of course. What is fabulous and one of our favorite things is that you are not stuck with the accounts that you choose you can change these around.

More Facebook Engagement with PostPlanner

There are three sections of content to choose from

  • Viral Photos
  • Top Content
  • Status Ideas

We mostly used the Viral Photos – which is set into folders containing

  • Awesome Quotes
  • Engaging Photos
  • Funny Photos
  • Crazy Photos
  • Beautiful Photos

What is missing (it could be just this plan) is that there is no search within the folders – you can sort it into the last day/week/month – so you don’t have to look through the whole lot each day if you are there each day but I’d like to be able to search within the Funny Photos for say … Funny Baby Photos or… Computers. You can create a new folder for such things and it appears to search for this content but it has never pulled anything up for me it just says Oops, No content available for this time period – which is set at all – HOWEVER it’s not too bad, it didn’t put us off – its still quick and easy to find something suitable to share to your page.

So you have chosen your content, you then click on which page or multiple pages you want to share on, and you can either post now, share next or schedule the post.

People love high-quality visual content and if you keep up with a regular posting schedule you will find that you’ll soon be getting the likes and engagement.

There are many other things you can do with PostPlanner, like schedule your own content, add other people (your team) check out insights some of which are on the upgrades.

For just $9 Euros for one month why not see if you get More Facebook Engagement with PostPlanner