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who is looking at your Twitter profile

Here we go again – There have been a huge number of spam tweets going out proclaiming to show you who is looking at your twitter profile. These tweets are just spam, they are just having a good laugh at our expense and probably getting hold of some of your information.

You want to know – who is looking at your Twitter profile?

No one can show you this information, as explained here.

Here’s mine,

The tweet that is being sent out says that you can see how many profile viewers you have on twitter – then you have to click the link to find out who.

@michelledh You currently have

[78] profile viewers today see who they are at – minutes ago via web in reply to michelledh

They all have the same tinyurl/4y6p248

They now changed the wording slightly – same url.

MirianRoller@RK1960 OMG! See who came to your Twitter profile –

Obviously, I haven’t clicked through to see what it is, but what I can tell you that is not going to show you who is looking at your Twitter profile page.  It’s probably going to ask you to allow it access and then retweet this tweet to all of your friends. And have access to your other information.

So, don’t click it.

If you have clicked it – change your password and revoke API access right away.

Settings – connections – and look for the spammers name – revoke access.

Hopefully @TinyURL will be able to disable this link immediately.

In the meantime, if you see this tweet, report it.  And or tell your friends to revoke access.

Sorry to go on, but  people are allowing this to be a virus by fuelling it with a click.  I guess they catch us out when they pretend they are going to supply us with information that we want or need, this time its – who is looking at your Twitter profile

Hope this helps

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