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pinkfacebookhoaxYou may have seen in the news this week about the quiz – Must Used Words,  there has been a lot of talk about privacy and how it steals your information and your friends information. 7

Techieminx felt you might like to know how to remove the “most used words” app.

This isn’t a new thing, this is the same with all quizzes and many things that you allow to connect to your Facebook account.

How to remove the “Most Used Words” quiz app

If you have already done the quiz then its too late, they already have your information and your friends information but you can still remove it from your authorised apps so they cannot update that information. Which on looking at the privacy policy they continue to monitor you so it  might be worth removing them.

remove most used words


How do they get my information?

When you click on a link like this at first you will be asked to log in with Facebook

Here it clearly informs you – Vonvon will receive the following info

  • Your public profile
  • Friends lists
  • Timeline posts

It even says Edit the information  your provide.

You can remove Friends list and Timeline posts – but it will not allow you to remove your Public profile

At the bottom you also see Privacy Policy – this tells you what they do with your information, pretty much the same as most auth set ups.

Registration Information

With respect to users who voluntarily register to our services (by logging in to their Facebook account), Vonvon may collect personally-identifying information that is unique to such users (such as their name, profile picture, gender, birthday, internet protocol (IP) address and Facebook friend list.

Other information
We also receive and/or collect other types of data and information about users via our service

remove most used words

Okay so now we’ve looked at that, (which we really should do every time we authorise something in Facebook or Twitter, we should check what information they are using and what they are doing with it) we can set about removing that authority.

In Facebook

  • Click the arrow on the far right
  • Click Settings

In the left column now

  • Click Apps

Here you will see all of the Apps that are logged in with Facebook.

  • Click Show All at the bottom
  • Hover over the one you want to delete and click the X
  • Or just search for Vonvon.

It might be a good idea to go through them all and delete the ones you are unsure about – if you do go to use it that app again don’t worry you can just auth it again.

You can also restrict the information that other people share for you.

Click edit

on the box bottom right – Apps Others Use 



So, there you have it – How to remove the “Most used words” quiz app – and other apps you don’t want – including removing games that keep hassling you.   Just remember in future, you might not mind sharing your information but sometimes you are sharing your friends info too.

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