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Whatsapp recently added Two-step verification as an optional feature to add more security to your account. Two-Step verification sometimes called 2-Factor Authentication is a great thing to have on your mobile apps.  So we thought we just explain what it is and How to turn on Whatsapps new two-step verification.

What is Two-Step Verification

Two Step verification is a security feature that is designed to prevent anyone else from accessing your accounts or apps. even if they find out your password they still have to know a second layer of security.  Sometimes it’s a code sent to your phone, or to your email. With Whatsapp they have added a 6 digit code that has to be entered. When you enable this feature you can also optionally enter your email address. Which is handy to do because if you ever forget your 6 digit passcode you can use the email to disable it.

Whatsapp do not send an email to verify this information so if you receive one – do not click any links within the email. Infact never do that unless  you have requested something, there are too many phishing scams going around at the moment, always check first.

How to turn on Whatsapps new two-step verification

Its quite simple to turn on Whatapps new two-step verification

In your Whatsapp app on Mobile (This is using an iPhone but I think the others will be pretty much the same)

Tap Settings – Bottom Right – The Cog.

Tap Account

 How to turn on Whatsapps new two-step verification

Then Tap Two-Step Verification

 How to turn on Whatsapps new two-step verification

Next Tap on Enable

(This image shows it as Enabled as you can see you only have the option to disable)

 How to turn on Whatsapps new two-step verification

When you click enable you will go to the next screen which will all you to add a six-digit passcode

Enter that and then you have the option to add your email.

Which I would do, I realise that means that WhatsApp then have your phone and your email, but Facebook have it anyway.

Hope this helps