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Recently I was asked how to delete a photo from Twitpic and also how could you delete the whole Twitpic account, so here are some instructions.

To delete a single picture from Twitpic 

Log into

Click – Home here you will see all of your photos that you have posted on Twitpic, here you will see a bin icon, click that.

A box pops up saying are you sure you want this deleted, its permanent, there’s no going back.

Click OK – and its gone.

This however doesn’t appear to delete it from your Twitter Gallery – unless it takes a while –  click this link see about the Twitter Photo Gallery and how to delete the photo from your Twitter gallery.

To delete your complete Twitpic account

Click Settings

Then Manage.

Here it says something rather strange.  It says Delete Account but what it in fact does is hide all of your media and your profile but if you ever want it back again, you just log in as before.

Type in the Captcha and click Delete Account and it will be invisible for if and when you ever decide to log in again

So there you have it – how to delete a photo or your twitpic account

Hope this helps.