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July 2019

Google has a new Social Network Called Shoelace

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When I heard the news that Google has a new Social Network Called Shoelace, I was very excited!  Obviously as working as a Social media manager and Community manager, I love community building and I love [...]

June 2019

22 Whatsapp Expert Tips and Sneaky Tricks

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Whatsapp tips and tricks for group chats mainly but some of these will be applicable for normal chats too. Following the success of our last post about Whatsapp tips and tricks and everyone saying they [...]

May 2019

When you want to help but don’t know how – Kindness in a box

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Cancer, the dreaded C word - the other one.  When it happens to us, of course, it's a huge shock.  Why me!  Cancer is something that happens to someone else!  No one wants to take [...]

April 2019

The top five hacked passwords and how not to get hacked

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The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of GCHQ, and Department for Digital, Media and Sport (DCMS) carried out their first UK Cyber Survey - in which the findings were shocking. Its total proof [...]

February 2019

An introduction to Biohacking for Entrepreneurs

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We all want to be healthier, fitter and stronger?  It's obsessive, it's our new dopamine!   Many Entrepreneurs and small business owners I know are jumping on the bandwagon of getting up at 5 am to [...]

How to Download Your Flickr Photos Before Deletion in 3 days – Extension March 12th

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Well, that went quick, it seems only yesterday we learned that Flickr had been sold - when it was actually almost a year ago.    Now we need to know How to Download Your Flickr Photos [...]